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Cheap Printer Cartridges
Searching online for the best deals on printer cartridges can be difficult. Where do you find the cheapest ink cartridges or discount toner cartridges? If you are looking for inkjet printer inks or laser printer toners at the lowest possible prices then click onto one of the links below and save 's now:

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When you are buying an inkjet printer or laser printer normally you simply look at the functionality of the printer, see how much the printer costs and then buy it. It is rare for someone to look at the running costs of buying a printer. However the cost per page can often work out to exceed the cost of purchase in a fairly short space of time. Sometimes people are amazed to find out that the cost of buying a full set of cartridges for a colour printer - Black, Cyan, Yellow & Magenta (sometimes there are even more!) can exceed the cost of simply buying a new printer every time you run out of ink! Some manufacturers such as Hewlett Packard with products like the HP LaserJet have set themselves apart from others due to their extreme reliability. Whereas others such as Epson have become the go to option for people looking for high quality colour photo printing. When you are buying always look at the options and always consider buying compatible printer cartridges which generally always work out to be much cheaper to buy and often it is difficult to see any differences in print quality between the manufacturers branded cartridge and the own branded alternative.


How to save money on printer cartridges:

  • Change the print settings on your documents from text to draft for things like invoices and internal memos
  • Change form using a branded to a compatible cartridge
  • Use a slightly smaller font when printing text
  • Consider Ink Refill Kits
  • Never change cartridges when the software tells you that you are running low on ink
  • If you have bought original ink cartridges then sell the empty ones.
  • Always keep your printer clean
  • Use better quality paper that causes fewer jams which wastes ink
  • Don't let kids use your printer to print off their homework - get them to print at school or college
  • If you are printing a web page = only print what you need and not all of the adverts and graphics that you dont.

Read the instructions on the cartridge before you use it - not all cartridges work the same.