HP 336 337 338 339 342 343 344 INKJET INK CARTRIDGES

Buy HP 336, 337, 338, 339 , 342, 343 and 344 original & compatible Inkjet Cartridges at big discount prices now! HP336 , HP337 , HP338 , HP339 , HP342, HP343 and HP344 ink cartridges in EXTRA VALUE TWIN (2) PACKS - these are grouped together on one page as some of the newer HP printers can take a combination of these cartridges. We have not listed the printer models as there are so many - so either refer to your manual or contact us. These are factory filled versions of the most popular Hewlett Packard DeskJet , OfficeJet, PhotoSmart, PSC etc. If you are not sure which is the correct cartridge for your printer than contact us.

The font that you choose to print with can have a dramatic effect on the impact and quality of the message that you are trying to portray. Common fonts such as Arial or Times Roman or Courier are fine for standard documents but to make an real impression you should take time to choose a font which is more relevant to you. If you want a really special font then make a special CUSTOM FONT by making a Custom Font you can customise your own writing or do a font which is totally unique to you - CREATE YOUR OWN CUSTOM FONT NOW.

Or you might just wish to get the best selection of high quality fonts that are ready to use now:

FONTS fonts Fonts fonts

Fonts - Did you know that your choice of font can also effect your printing costs as well - so by changing the font you use on a regular basis you can save on your ink cartridge costs!

Recently a survey was done to see if choosing a different default typeface could help cut printing costs. After testing the default fonts available for Microsoft Office, Century Gothic was shown to have saved the most ink or toner - for high volume printing these savings can be significant. The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay switched to Century Gothic for the bulk of its printing needs. The school spends about $100,000 in ink every year, and believes that the change can save the university up to $10,000. Saving 10% just by changing the default font!!!

Century Gothic though is a very basic font and may not be the font that you need to both represent the message that you are trying to portray and also to save money on printing at the same time. Why not add 10,000 fonts to your system today? This simple to download package gives you access to very high quality typefaces that could both improve the quality of your communications and also save you money on your print costs at the same time